How to fight the barriers of capitalism with poetry

Detail from artwork by Shiiku Collective as used to advertise their event fighting the barriers of capitalism

Anthropy≠Anthropocene, Shiiku Collective, 9 March 2023, Strange Brew, Bristol.

Carolyn Dougherty reflects on this event, which promised:

expressive spoken word on fighting the barriers of capitalism, interactive visuals co-created by our robot friends, ambient electronic beats with soft rainforest settings, and the voices of those ready to design a world that can be peacefully navigated by all.”

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Recommended utopian books for kids

Group photo from utopian books for kids event, with author Lauren Tobia holding copies of her picture book Oscar's Tower of Flowers
Bristol Utopian Book Collective co-founder Rob Bryher, author and illustrator Lauren Tobia, and participants in our kids’ book event.

Bristol Utopian Book Collective recently hosted a children’s book group as part of the PRSC School of Activism. I selected Oscar’s Tower of Flowers by local Bristol author and illustrator Lauren Tobia as our book to discuss. Being up for a bit of activism, Tobia joined us for the event and talked us through the story of her beautiful wordless book.

As mother to a young child and a critic of literary eco-utopias, the two sometimes crossover when reading bedtime stories. Some seemingly innocent books are horrendous when seen through an ecocritical lens (I’m looking at you, Babar). Oscar’s Tower of Flowers, however, has so many reasons to recommend it.

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